Thursday, April 16, 2015

told at Deagan's with the Ohio Blogging Association


Last night, OBA (Ohio Blogging Association) bloggers met at Deagan's in Lakewood, where I got to enjoy a magical dish of duck confit with root vegetables...


 ...and participate in our own private show of told CLE.

Operated by Dave Sobol, told is...

...a live storytelling event in Cleveland, Ohio. At each live show, featured storytellers and audience members take the stage to tell a story around the evening’s theme. (from told CLE website).

At the event, the following bloggers were present...

Jill Grunenwald -
Holly Hammersmith -
Jessie Schoonover -
David Cunix -
Julie and Stuart Smith -
Alicia Hansen -
Michelle Bibb and Ulfet Ozyabagligil - and


 ...and many of us took turns telling interesting tales.

It was great seeing everyone, meeting new friends, eating some fan-tas-tic duck, and hearing some great tales!

If you've never been at a told event, I seriously recommend it.  

Public speaking has never been so much fun!