Thursday, February 5, 2015

Memorable Food in the Past 12 Months

I have gotten so bad lately with documenting some of my many adventures, so I thought I would at least give you a "catch-up" in some of my more memorable dishes of the past 12 months (February 2014-February 2015).

Of course, there are some things not listed and sometimes this is due to previously written check the archives (there really aren't that many).

Here you go...

Escargots at Le Bistro du Beaujolais (Olmsted Falls, OH)

Such buttery deliciousness with flaky pastries.  I could eat this every day!


The "HULK" at SuperChef's (Columbus, OH)

This green waffle sandwich has eggs, American cheese, sausage, candied bacon, syrup and little sugar crystals.  I tried to pick this up with my hands on the first bite.  Big mistake.  This is a fork and knife dish.


Kristian's Combo at ZINC Brasserie (Sandusky, OH)

I ordered the Steak Tartar with capers, anchovy, and shallots...

...and it became truly memorable when I added it to the wood-fired pizza.  I may have even added some sauteed spinach to it.  Can't remember exactly, but it was sooooo good.


Specialty Pizza from Samosky's (Valley City, OH)

This had sausage, dried cranberries, feta, spinach and cheese.  It was a great pizza!


Cincinnati Chili at Gold Star Chili (Georgetown, KY)

This was my first experience with Cincy chili and some of you may be disappointed that I didn't get it in Ohio, nor from Skyline, but I later remedied that.  I personally can't tell a difference - I love them both.


Hot Chicken from Hattie B's (Nashville, TN)

Sweet mother!  Hot chicken is awesome, especially with some honey drizzled on it.  I think I've had hot chicken once or twice outside of Nashville (because it's become a thing to do), and it has come nowhere close to this time at Hattie B's.  I seriously recommend it!


Cremestick from Kiedrowski's (Amherst, OH)

When it all comes down to it, I love cremesticks with the sweet cream.  You can keep your no-filling or custard-filled long johns.  You can even keep your bacon maple bars if you're not going to fill them.
This is the donut that brings it home.  This is what makes the extra 2 miles on the treadmill worth it.


Stuffed Avocado at Sushiko (Worthington, OH)

This was a stuffed and fried avocado with crunch, sauce, crab and God knows what else. Really tasty and decadent.


New Year's Eve Dinner - Spice Kitchen & Bar (Cleveland, OH)

This entire dinner was memorable, so I'm giving you all the courses...

...from the oysters with apple... the delicious Steak Tartar...

...continuing with the pistachio crusted lamb chops...

...and finishing with ice cream-filled brown butter cake with a side of brittle.

So many delicious and memorable dishes.  Is it any wonder that I'm dieting now?