Thursday, August 7, 2014

Le Bistro du Beaujolais, Dirty Franks and Zinc - a Trio

Here are three restaurants (plus one) I've eaten at in the past few weeks.  

Le Bistro du Beaujolais

Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Dinner with wife and mother to celebrate my mother's birthday.


 Escargots over puff pastry.


 Frog legs.


 Mesclun salad with warm Brie.

Lamb top round with rosemary tomato sauce.


Grilled then baked salmon with rosemary cream sauce.

Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace

Columbus, Ohio.

I was in Columbus for some festivals and really wanted to try this place.


 In case you wanted to see the interesting combos.


Picnic Table (baked beans, sweet-hot cabbage mustard slaw, relish and chip crumbles).
Zippity Zam (Sriracha cream cheese and roasted red peppers).



While in Columbus, I should also mention...


...where my aunt and I got the shrimp and roasted red pepper grits...

...and the Hulk (waffle, candied bacon, egg, cheese, sausage, syrup and purple crystals).


Zinc Brasserie

Sandusky, Ohio

Dinner with my parents. We picked mostly appetizers and feasted.

Complimentary gazpacho.

Complimentary bread.


(Incredible) Steak Tartar.


Foie Gras (smoked bacon lardons with blueberry compote)




Lobster bisque under pastry.



Pizza with lobster, brie, ricotta (I believe)...


...which we topped with some sauteed spinach...


...and some Steak Tartar for fresh saltiness.



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