Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New York Time is Sushi Time


New York Weekend: Part III

Things I Ate 


So I probably don't have to remind you that I've been on this diet with no bread, alcohol, sweets and such since Jan 2.  It had been more than 50 days and we were going to Brooklyn, New York where the food was going to be really really good.

What was I to do?

Fortunately, thanks to corner markets, I was able to pick up fruit to snack on.  I was also able to find ways to stay within the limits of my diet to a certain degree... getting a tomato/lettuce side (instead of fries) with my lox and scrambled egg lunch at Junior's...

 ...or splitting a WONDERFUL grilled octopus salad with capers at Armando's...

...which is where I also got this rather tasty branzino (sea bass).

But the one thing I couldn't resist in New York was the sushi, and I didn't resist it.

I simply ordered it in a sensible fashion.

On Friday night, I stopped by Nanatori...

...for a sashimi dinner...

...and a decadent eggplant with miso sauce.

On Saturday, I needed an afternoon snack, so I ran over to Kyoto (Smith Street)...

...for an Alaskan Roll and a salmon hand roll.

Let's stop for a second to enjoy the above picture!

Did you see how much fish is in that maki (and little rice)?  Did you notice how much salmon is in that hand roll?

That's how it should be.  Not a thin sliver of fish and a ton of rice! that my point is made, we can proceed....

With only Sunday left to go and sushi places not opening until early afternoon, I worked my schedule just right to get in a last minute sushi meal before the plane ride back.

I decided to go to Mitoushi since they opened first...

...and they had some great nigiri sushi.

For 14 pieces of nigiri and an avocado roll, it only cost me $25 after tax - about what it would cost at my beloved Pacific East in Cleveland.

(Interestingly enough - at Cleveland's Sushi Rock, it would cost $25 for only the Ikura and Salmon.)

Needless to say, I was pretty satisfied*.

* = although I could really use some sushi about now.


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