Monday, April 15, 2013

Nom Phnoming at Phnom Pehn and a Surprise!

On Saturday, Julia and I took Max to Phnom Pehn in North Olmsted for a nice meal.

As Max lay back and relaxed...

...I got to enjoy a stuffed chicken wing...

...and Mee Khmer (Rice noodles with chicken and shrimp sauteed in sauce of tofu, crushed chilies, garlic, shallots, Chinese chives and bean sprouts, topped with shredded omelet, served with a lime wedge).

Very delicious!

As it turned out, Cambodian New Year began the following day on April 14, so we picked a good time to be there!

This weekend, the Cambodian calendar wasn't the only thing that changed... face did as well.

Clean shaven to show off a skinnier me.



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  1. Woo hoo! Glad that your face is back on display. You picked one of my very favorite restaurants...and I am SO jealous reading this. yum!