Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Mid-Life Crisis, the Winter Blahs or a Metaphorical Plateau

As you may know, this is a blog I use when I'm not writing about festivals at OhioFestivals.net.  And although I sometimes post here during the spring, summer and autumn months, it's not until winter that this blog sees most of its activity.

But this winter turned out to be different with very few postings...

...even after a trip to the zoo...

...a trip to the Bay Village Science Center...

...the weekend errands...

...and general family fun.

There have been great meal experiences...

...some rather challenging ones...

...and delicious grub that has ranged from beef tongue tacos...

...to some rather delicious sushi.

I even met Ron Jeremy.

So why haven't I written about these little adventures and shared my enthusiasm with you all?

That's definitely the question of the day!

Whether it's the atypical winter springtime day  (it's in the 30's and snowing in a week of long-awaited warmer temperatures), an approaching mid-life crisis or just a feeling that life is going nowhere (which may also be a mid-life crisis)...

...I sort of feel like I'm just stuck.

My current job hasn't really been that exciting in some time, the festival blog feels like it's in some sort of limbo (where can I take it from here?) and - although I have some other interesting freelance gigs out there - I question what it all means in the big picture.

Usually, a planned trip is all I need to push through, but I already have tickets for Italy in June that I should be more excited about.  There are also plans to go out west for a trip that sounds fantastic and I often forget about it.

So what's going on?

Is it this stupid diet I've been on the past few weeks, the absorption of other people's problems and anxieties through recent conversation, some sort of funk, not enough travel time, or just some random passing "blah" that I'll shake off by tomorrow morning.

Maybe I just need to take in a few festivals to feel better about things again.

Maybe I just need some sushi.

Because, honestly, I can't say that my life has been uninteresting or bad by any means and I'm really grateful for everything that has happened to me.  That said - I do have complete faith that even more exciting things await me down the road.

Perhaps some sooner than others.


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