Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Eating less so that I can eat more AKA Diet Time

I really have no pics to post in this posting since it would be nothing more than boring pics of egg whites, pounded chicken breasts and lentil soup.

Yes, this is now my 8th day of dieting and I fear it will go into March, possibly April, as long as I stick to my guns and lose from 20-30 pounds that currently reside in various parts of my body.

I've purchased new clothes (shirts and underwear mostly) that don't necessarily fit me well as of yet.  But they will...

...oh they will... a few weeks in this diet.

In the mornings, I've been eating the egg whites of 4 hard-boiled eggs with small dollops of hummus.

Lunches have been pieces of pounded chicken breast that I've cooked in citrus juices (last week was only lemon/lime.  This week, I incorporated freshly squeezed orange juice).  There is also a vegetable that I eat at lunch.  Today, it's yellow squash with tomato.

Dinners have usually been a salad or bowl of homemade soup.  This week, there's a lentil soup I made with carrots, onions, garlic, tons of endive, diced tomato and chicken broth.

Very good and almost gone.

I've also included snacks, such as pieces of fruit or a handful of mixed nuts at night before bed.

Soon, though, I will incorporate some grains and possibly cheeses...just not yet.

I am going to lose this weight.

I am.

When this beard is shaved, a thinner, more handsomer man will come forth. 

He may even look younger.


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  1. You are a nut! I don't know where you think the 20-30 lbs is hiding on you. Healthy is good, just don't get TOO crazy!