Friday, January 11, 2013

Just in case you felt bad for me in the last post...

In the last post, I told you about my diet and the hard boiled egg whites and pounded chicken that I've been eating.  Of course, although it might be easy to prepare this every day until I lost the targeted weight, I think I would eventually go insane.

So I've been trying to change it up, searching through the cupboards and freezers for other things to eat...

...only to learn that a majority of it has gone bad.

The majority of foods past their prime were found in the freezer, especially the grass-fed cow meat I bought in 2010.  Sure, I may use some of the burger meat but the majority (unfortunately) was pitched.

Most recently, I went in the freezer for some shrimp to boil for dinner...

...only to find that it was freezer burned.

A sad moment.

But, in any case, I have gotten creative when I needed to be.

Last night, for example, I had some brussels sprouts, which I cooked with onions, garlic and olive oil until the mixture got toasted (brown).  Then I added some lime juice to finish it off.

I also had some cooked mushrooms, some canned tuna fish (packed in olive oil) and a container of 40 Spices hummus that I wanted to try.

So I dolloped some hummus in the center of the plate, topped it with tuna, added some capers, surrounded the pile with mushrooms and surrounded the mushrooms with brussels sprouts before sprinkling on some parmesan...


A dinner where I used expletives to explain how delicious it actually was.

This morning, I had my same egg whites with hummus, but I added some lox to change it up... just makes dieting easier, you know?


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  1. Well, tis true, I was feeling a bit sorry for you (and for me who should be on a diet but doesn't have your discipline!) but now I think your waistline culinary explorations might inspire me to do the same! Keep it going!