Friday, July 10, 2015

Italy 2015 - Part 8 - Our Last Few Days in Lucca

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We went back to Lucca with Julia going off with her mom and my mom going with Max and me.

Basically, all the ladies were shopping.  My mom wanted me to take her to places she hadn't seen and I believe Julia was going for some perfume and other things.

There are fewer and fewer pictures as the days progressed in Lucca.

Here, for example, is a rabbit dish I got for lunch at a restaurant of whose name I don't remember.

And here is a rather fantastic dish of chocolate ice cream (in the middle) surrounded by a moat of white chocolate and all topped with whipped cream.

If interested, the place is called Turandot Caffetteria right near the Chiesa di San Michele in Foro.

Later that evening, we went to a pizzeria in Vorno, recommended by a woman who sold Julia some perfume.

Food was fine, waiter was a jerk...

...and Max got a Mickey Mouse pizza and didn't like the hot dog.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

 Our last full day in Lucca!

Julia and her mom took Max while my mom and I split off to check out the Torture Museum.  This may have been my only non-Max time in Lucca actually (apart from the date with Julia and me).

We got ourselves a tramezzino snack...

...and then went to the Torture Museum... read up on just how horrible people can be to each other.

 It was freaky at times.

 Afterwards, things were fairly lax.

I got some vitello tonnato and eggplant at Trattoria Leo...

 ...and we took a nice walk before getting some ice cream.

That evening was our last in the villa.


Thursday, June 25, 2015


The next morning, we packed up and left...

 ...stopping at Autogrill for lunch and some pistachio cheesecake along the way.

 We went back to the same hotel as before, getting some appetizers and trying to make use of the free food they put on the bar after 7.

But they may have been wise to our ways and delayed the food a bit.  Since we arrived a little early, we still ended up ordering grub off the menu.

All to say...the food was never fantastic at the hotel.

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