Monday, November 5, 2012

To Try or Not to Try

I'm a true believer in trying new things.  

How else could you build your palate and know-how in the worlds of cooking and eating?

Take these frozen baby octopi, for example.

I knew I liked octopus because I've tried them before, but I had never cooked them before... I decided to give it a go...


...and I made this flavorful chick pea octopus salad with them.


It's examples like this that make me excited when I see new products... Buffalo Hot Eggs (can't wait to break these bad boys open).

But I guess there are also times that I may go a little far.

The other day, when my mom's dog scoffed at the cookie I tried to give him...


...I decided to try it myself.

It wasn't until I winced from the molasses (which I don't like) that I even thought about possible doggie ingredients (ie crude protein) that my body wouldn't care for.

Fortunately - apart from the glucosamine creme that probably helped my hips and joints - everything appeared kosher.

But now I know that I don't like molasses...

...not even in doggie cookies.


1 comment:

  1. I would have (and have) done the same thing. Unless something smells horrendously bad....I'll give it a try.