Friday, November 30, 2012

Trying to wake myself up

I think the food situation this past week has finally got me in a nose lock.

Even without taking home many Thanksgiving leftovers, the fridge was filled this week with things I made over the weekend, including steamed broccoli and cauliflower, some beet salad with cucumber, and a bunch of turkey soup.

Meanwhile, my mother had given me bean soup, lox, sliced ham... 

...and split pea soup.

 Fortunately, I was able to eat a lot of this at work...

...salmon with my egg white omelet and avocado...
...broccoli/cauliflower as a snack... as a snack...
...ham slices as a meal.

And, on Monday night, we were able to eat in and create a greater dent of the food.

But, with company in town from Tuesday through Thursday, there was a lot of taking out or eating out...


 ...making the fried seafood burritos a horrible choice (Lupitas - Oberlin)... well as the nachos and Italian Grinder got at Ziggy's in Amherst.


The healthy beets, broccoli, cauliflower and eggs whites had no chance again the sodium-filled soups, salmon, ham, burritos, nachos and grinder.

This morning, it felt like my clothes were all squeezing me tightly.

My 39th birthday is less than a month away, folks, and I need to reel it in so that I make it to that day...

...and with the appearance of actually being in shape.

I've got to eat better, cut the holiday food crap and exercise more (this is important since the baby/visitor schedules have made this a little more difficult lately).

Because if I don't lose this weight now and get into a healthier lifestyle...

...who knows what consequences will be waiting for me around the corner?


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