Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First come babies, then kittens

On Friday morning, a coworker told me she heard a kitten crying from the direction of my car.

When I went outside to listen, I heard a kitten as well, but I couldn't make out exactly where it was crying from, thanks to traffic and the other parked cars near mine.

I checked under my hood and under the car, but I didn't see a kitten.  As the traffic increased, I also didn't hear it any longer.

When the end of the work day arrived, all the other cars were gone and I heard no crying kitten...

...so I figured it wasn't my car.

Of course, as I headed to my mom's to meet up with Julia and the baby, I happened to hear the faintest kitten cry while at a 4-way stop.

Uh oh!

I pulled in my mom's drive, parked the car and turned off the ignition, popping the hood and jumping out of the car.

I heard that kitten cry, I felt its presence and there, under the hood, I saw it look up at me and...

...meow meow meeee-ow!

I quickly grabbed a broomstick and we nudged it out of the front of the car.  When I peeked under the car, I saw its little paw try to come down, but it was too scared to make the jump.  It rested there in the car frame and looked at me, unsure of what to do.

I was unsure as well.

How the hell would I get it out?

Every 20 minutes, I came back out and tried to figure a new approach...

...tuna fish, honking the car, knocking on the car, etc...

...but the kitten couldn't come out.

Eventually, it even disappeared inside the car, still crying occasionally.

I decided to leave the car there for the night, coming back the next morning with Julia to try again.

My mother was convinced that the hose was the best bet (I was leaning toward jacking up the car), so we moved the car up to the garage, brought the hose down and turned it on.

The little kitten jumped out of the car in 2 seconds flat!

With gloves, I eventually nabbed him (although he threatened to jump up into Julia's car at one point)...

 ...and got him in a carrier.

After a vet checkup and shots...


 ...my mom started keeping him in the garage...

 ...where he initially took to hiding...


...but initially came out to eat. 

Of course, it wasn't long before she brought him in the house and exposed him to the dog...

 ...making him want to hide again...

...but I think they'll be fine together.



  1. oh my god she is just the cutest little thing. Good luck to your mom with her new furry friend ;)

  2. He's adorable! Guess your Mom's prayers were answered.