Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to travel around the world in four days

From Friday to Monday, Julia and I did some culinary world traveling...

...with some Friday night pad thai from Oberlin's Tooo Chinoise...

...a nice Saturday afternoon Jalapeno Crunch burger from Steak 'N Shake...

...a wonderful Saturday night home-cooked Nepalese dinner in Oberlin (Thanks, Erika!)...

...and an interesting Italian-esque Monday night concoction.

In case you are curious - the concoction consisted of the following layers from bottom to top:
  • from a can of diced tomatoes/garlic/basil - the juice and some of the tomato pieces
  • peeled eggplant slices that I previously broiled
  • broiled tomato slices
  • shredded pizza cheese
  • chicken that I pounded, floured and browned in a pan with olive oil
  • the rest of the diced tomatoes
  • lots of basil
  • more cheese

I baked this all for 25 minutes at 400 degrees and it came out pretty well.

I'm having some of the leftovers for lunch today!

So there you go: Thailand (at a Chinese restaurant), United States, Nepal and Italy (I also had sushi for lunch on Sunday...just no pic)...all in only a few days!

There may have also been an eggnog milkshake in there somewhere!