Thursday, December 27, 2012

How the world ended up not even ending and we got to eat sushi and dress up the baby into characters I don't particularly believe in unless they bring me presents

This past Friday, as the Mayan Calendar End approached...

...natural enemies ate together in harmony... nephew developed a weird skin rash...

...and I began to fear the worst.

But when Julia and I attended an End of the World Party in Oberlin, we had a good ole time...

 ...and even got to have some of this delicious chocolate Mayan temple cake.

And long after the cake and party and the day, not only did the world not end... kept on spinning so that we could enjoy some sushi at Ohashi in North Olmsted...

...and even celebrate Christmas.


Someone must had been a really good boy this year*.

* = only two months really, but an impressionable two months


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