Thursday, December 13, 2012

When pounding your meat will only bring compliments (and not jail sentences) - Plus one way on how to use all that extra sauce

Usually, when Julia and I pick up some meat from the store to cook for the week, she often suggests boneless, skinless Amish chicken breast.  I can't help but say that I'm usually lacking enthusiasm with this selection.

The meat gets dry (I prefer dark meat) and there are usually leftovers that she doesn't eat, which means I take them to work for lunch because it pains me to see food tossed in the trash.

But recently, one of her colleagues and friends brought us some homemade mole sauce with just enough chocolate and spices to bring a big smile on my face.  I've was putting them on eggs and eating spoonfuls every so often... was just THAT good!

So when my trainer was telling me how she made chicken piccata, I thought...

I can make something similar with the mole sauce!


On the night of the experimental dinner, I pounded the chicken breast - which is crazily therapeutic -  passed it through flour, fried it quickly with butter/oil (yes, I used both) and then removed the chicken to heat up the some mole sauce with freshly squeezed lime juice.  Once the sauce was bubbling gently, I put the chicken back in and let it simmer.

Melt some cheese over top and... you go - the leftovers that I happily took to work the following day!

The pounded chicken breast just seemed more tender and delicious.  I even tried it a second time...

 ...with a sauce consisting of green olives, grape tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.

Delicious once again!

And notice that toast in the background...that was to collect the sauce (Julia's idea)!

Before signing off and advising that you should all pound your meat for more satisfying meals, let me just show you one more recent creation...

The setup:  Julia and I didn't know what to eat for dinner and neither one of us felt like cooking.  We did notice that we had bread, turkey and ham lunch meat (limited), some cheese (very limited) and lettuce.

So we rather unenthusiastically decided to toast up some sandwiches.

Then I remember the ton of cranberry sauce I cooked up the night before...

...we could put this on our sandwiches!!!

I put a heaping tablespoon of cranberry sauce on both slices of bread, a decent amount of turkey, a little ham, some cheese and then toasted it up...


...and the holiday Monte Cristo was born.



  1. You are killing me! Love your title - the best yet. So awesome meeting Max last night - he's such a cutie pie! Maybe you can teach him to pound meat when he's a little older ;)

    1. haha thanks!

      Yeah, I'm so happy you got to meet Max. He had such a fun time last night. He even grabbed a card as we were heading out. :-)

  2. Hey Kris, I've overdosed on the rest of the Mole. Ready for some more before I freeze it?
    Also, what are you using to pound your meat? A metal pounder? A wooden rolling pin?